Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Tea Light Roses

Well I had a brief visit with the Prairie Fairy Queen today and told her what I had been up to and she encouraged me to post this sooner than I had planned.  Funny enough when the Prairie Fairy Queen enters out into her meadow, all the local fairies gather round, both Corry and Lori were near by as well.  Imagine that!!   :)

I found out how to make these gorgeous tea light paper roses from Kathy Braun.  Aren't they absolutely beautiful.  I made a third, but I need to redo parts of it as it was my first attempt and my petals don't curve as nice as these 2 specimens.  I'll be teaching these in an upcoming workshop for you local crafters.

These have battery operated tea lights in the centre of the flower and are beautiful for centerpieces.  Sorry about the picture quality on the second picture.  My settings had been changed and I hadn't realized it until it was too late.


Carla aka scrappypug said...


Roberta Laliberte said...

OHHHH thank you thank you for posting it right away Kelly these are to die for! OHHHHH I am gonna have to try one!

Debs said...

these are gorgeous Kelly. So dainty and pretty. I hope you're letting me know when these workshops are??? and I need paper and I need to order a couple of punches. I don't think I have the new catalog either, if it's out yet. (gees I sound desperate, a craft addict I guess, lol)
Chat soon

Margreet said...

amazing you also give a digital workshop or do I have to come over to Manitoba????
xxx Margreet