Tuesday, August 16, 2011


After two years of cross-stitching, quilting, sewing and lining I have finally finished my family's Christmas stockings for the second time in my life.  I had completely different stockings and images many years ago for my family and the stockings became a treasured Christmas tradition in our home.  In fact, several of our daughters say how opening their stocking is there favorite gift to open.  Back to why I created six stockings again, we had an electrical fire in our home in March 2009 and it burned our home to the ground.  We have made do with gift bags under the tree for the last two years but this year we will be able to enjoy our tradition again. Now to start stockings for the future son-in-laws ...

My husband's stocking (plus a close up of the stitching)

My stocking (plus a close up)

Our oldest daughter's stocking (plus a close up)

Our second daughter's stocking (plus a close up) 

Our third daughter's stocking (plus a close up)


Our fourth daughter's stocking (plus a close up)


Lori said...

Gorgeous Kelly what a treasure! They will keep these close forever! Your cross stitching is soo good!

Cor* said...

Holy Mackerel Kelly, These are absolutely stunning!

creativchen said...

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