Monday, May 14, 2012

Shower gift for our daughter

Well our oldest daughter is getting married to a wonderful man in about 3 weeks and had her second shower on May 9th.  As many a crafter, I debated what to give her as we had already provided a practical gift at the first shower.  Nine days before the shower I thought she wants to get into scrapbooking again, I will give her a jump start and prepare an album where she can put pictures in directly or just mat them and add them for a few pages.  So I started off and prepared 16 pages for their album and then provided her with some supplies to continue on with her own technique. 

At the end of the shower I was approached by one of her friends who is going to be a maid of honor in another wedding and asked if I would create an album as a gift from her for the happy couple.  After thinking about it and just a start to many questions I decided I would do this.  I'll post pics when it is completed and the shower has taken place so it doesn't spoil it for anyone.

I hope you enjoy what you see, thanks for stopping by! :)


Margreet said...

This already looks good, Kelly....can't wait to see it completed!
xxx Margreet

Kelly said...

Margreet, my part is done, my daughter has to do the rest when she gets her pics. :)