Thursday, July 12, 2012

A-maze-ing Tutorial

I bought the mazes from Stampin' Up, there are 3 in a package and they make great party favors for kids and even the young at heart!  I used Monster Google from Prairie Fairy Designs to keep it playful, I love how his nose almost is dead center in the maze.

This is the front of the maze in the kit.

 Back of the maze in the kit.
I traced the outline of the outer shell of the maze with pencil around my Monster.

Carefully remove the back of the maze without losing the balls, they are so tiny you don't want to have to search for them.

I used the back card to trace around my monster as you can see it inside my originally traced line.  Cut on the inner line.

Sponge the outer edge. I matched it up with my Monster's eyes.

Carefully place it in the back of the maze.  This is super easy and super fast, give it a try!

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Margreet said...

Amazing indeed, Kelly....great idea!
xxx Margreet