Monday, June 28, 2010

Alberta trip Final Pics

Well we visited my MIL in Winkler today (3 hr. one way from here), she had a hip replacement on Thursday and was sick the first couple of days from the anestethetic but seemed to have a good day today.  They are releasing her home tomorrow with caregivers for the next 6 weeks.  Our second daughter, will be going out mid July for about 4-5 weeks to help her. 

This ship is inside the West Edmonton Mall and there are several different activities at it.

One of the activities is underground and it is called Sea Life Caverns, here our daughter Rachel and I touch various different sea life, starfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, sea anemone and one other I can't remember the name.

At this spot you leave your hand very still in the tank and let the manta rays swim underneath so that you can touch them.  If they sense movement they will not come near.

We saw various sea life in different tanks, here are the giant sea turtle (my fav) and two sharks.

Hope you enjoyed our pics.

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Lori said...

We didn't go down below when we went to the mall and I'm so sorry we didn't after looking at these pictures. I love sealife and your photos are fantastic!