Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alberta Part 2

More pics, I promise I won't load them all as we took over 600 pics.
This is at Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall, the girls aren't big into roller coasters, so we did a few things here and then we continued on with shopping.

This is one of the many plants grown at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton.  They have 4 large greenhouses in the shape of pyramids all joined in one building.  In each pyramid a different type of climate is provided for the plants to be able to grow.  There was temperate, arid, tropical and the featured pyramids.  We had Brad stand beside the tree, just to give you an idea of the height.  My husband is 6' 1" tall.

This is a manmade tornado machine that when you turn on it churns the air and the dust below becomes a cyclone.  It is just one of the many things shown at the Telus World Science building in Edmonton.

In the mall, there are 4 gravity trampolines.  The individual is harnessed in and can bounce as high as 20 ft. in the air.  Lauren is in the process of doing a flip.

We went to the Sea Lion Show right inside the West Ed Mall, it was very entertaining and well put together.

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Lori said...

Bungee jumping, trampolines, roller coasters, Lauren's a brave girl! I love the giant plant and the tornado machine, cool pictures!