Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who wants to come play at my house?

For any of you that don't know we had a house fire in March, 2009 and lost everything. Our home has been re-built allowing for me to have a craft room as two daughters have grown and moved out. As I have been a crafter since my teen years, my crafting supplies had accumulated quite a bit, in fact when the insurance adjuster saw our input sheets in May, they asked my husband "Exactly what kind of craft does your wife do?" Well it would have been easier to say which ones I don't.
Now that we are in our new home, have the space and don't have to move things again, the insurance agency would like to close our claim file and has asked us to complete our contents purchasing by February 8th. So this is this week's purchases, I have a huge Stampin Up order arriving on Monday, as well as several online orders on their way. I just placed a second large Stampin Up order tonight as well as two more online purchases.
Roberta (Prairie Fairy) has been after me to send her pictures of my craft room and until everything is replaced and in its place I told her I wouldn't. You get to see some of my supplies and that my walls are plum. I would love it for some friends to come and join me to play with these items. Any takers?

Not that you can tell from all the goodies but I really don't even like to shop!


Lori said...

I'll come play, OMG Kelly you won't know where to start, there's more stuff there than some stores I've been in.... Go nuts, can't wait to see the finished room!!!!

Cor* said...

I'm in! Roberta, Lori and I are gonna have to come by and use your toys sometime, hey ladies!!! Got enough tables? Did I mention we won't bring anything besides ourselves! haha!!

Looks like a lot of stuff Kelly! Bet you'll be glad when this 'spending' stuff comes to an end!!

Roberta Laliberte said...

Name the TIME AND PLACE!!!!!!!!!


Kelly said...

Corry, can I hear an amen to that. I don't like to shop. I used to like to shop for crafts but this is overkill. I'll be taking more pics as I had a big SU order come in, and two orders online arrived today as well.

Would love to get together in February or March sometime.

Cor* said...

February sometime works for me. I should be off work (officially by Feb 20, unofficially by Feb 17- but don't tell my employer) lol....Must have potluck prior to baby arrival!!